Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Great Aunt's Notes Feb 1-7

This evening I was looking through a box of old books when I found an ancient devotional that my mom's aunt Evelyn kept for decades. Each page had a date and the religious devotional that went with it, and Evelyn wrote notes about things in the margins. They were like an "on this day in history" entry. I leafed through and I'm really fascinated at the things that she wrote....some were big history like "war started", and sometimes it was just the weather for that day. It's her own personal history book!

Does anyone do that anymore? We always plan ahead and jot notes down about what we will do, not what has happened. Even worse, so much of it is digital, and it's often deleted forever.

Each week I will post the things that she wrote so that I can understand her more as the person I really didn't get to know, as well as remind us the big things in history that we have forgotten or didn't know at all. Sometimes I added words to clarify what she was saying (such as the word "degree" instead of the little circle next to the number, for which there is no font). If I wrote it exactly as she did, much of it wouldn't make sense.

Feb 1:
~ Fire and Burglary system comp installed today Thurs-1979 CDAlarm - dumb thing to do !
~ 66 degrees Wed 1989 record since 100 years ago (65 degrees)
~ 63 degrees Sat 1986
~ 10" snow - 1966 home at noon
~ Rev Nussbaum's last Sunday - 1953 Wonderful services

Feb 2
~ Bill in Deaconess, Mon 1987 Pneumonia + 105 degree temp (to Feb 8)
~ last car 3-31-1988
~ SOLD '87 Dodge! Oct 1992
~ Owned my first car as of today 1950 Dodge 1959
~ Mrs Miller moved in Sat 1957 (apt vacant 3 months)
~ Tues 1954 - retired - Rev James Sanders
~ Wed 1955 - retired - Rev Harold Walker

Feb 3
~ 1852-1996 Saturday McAlpin's downtown CLOSED
~ To 32 cents Jan 1995 (postage)
~ To 29 cents 1991 from 25 cents
~ Bought my first home! Saturday 1962 $15,500.00 5.5%

Feb 4
~ 71 degrees - 1962 Record breaker
~ 61 degrees - 1986

Feb 5
~ 8 degrees - 1962
~ Mom's landing Fri 1971
~ New partial Sat 1966 $125.00
~ New green rug in mother's room + replaced August 1975
~ New green rug bought for mine.

Feb 6
~ Margaret Berenford passed away Mon 1990

Feb 7
~ Helen Beigel with Lord - Tues 1984

(Update: March 26, 2010....obviously I didn't follow my big dream of posting everything in her book. Frankly, her handwriting is pretty darn hard to read. )