Wednesday, November 4, 2015

artsBridge Appearance November 7-10

(Lazy update January 24, 2016.  Here is the link to the artsBridge Episode.)

I'm excited to announce that this weekend yours truly will be featured on the Cincinnati area public television show called artsBridge.  It's a really cool show that I've seen several times prior to the taping in September.  Some of my favorite artists that I know and don't know have been on.  In a nutshell, someone from CET saw my artwork at the Kennedy Heights Art Center during a Fiber Arts show in September.  A CET film crew came to my home and filmed me in my basement art studio.  There's some interview action and some art-making action.  I'm really interested in seeing how they edit it to make me make sense.  Some of the questions were challenging to answer on-the-spot.  I don't wear makeup and I didn't then, so I hope the 1000 watt light bulb didn't penetrate the first 6 layers of my skin.  I'm really really nervous, as this isn't a one-time showing.  It airs 8 over the course of 4 days, then will be on repeat from time to time.  Here are the viewing times:

November 7 at 6PM on channel 48
November 8 at 5:30PM on channel 16
November 9th at 8AM, 1PM, and 5PM on channel 48.3
November 10 at 10AM, 3PM, and 10PM on channel 48.3

It will be available to watch online about a week after this.   If you go to the link above you can scroll down a smidge and see my face.

Make some popcorn and have fun!