Wednesday, November 4, 2015

artsBridge Appearance November 7-10

(Lazy update January 24, 2016.  Here is the link to the artsBridge Episode.)

I'm excited to announce that this weekend yours truly will be featured on the Cincinnati area public television show called artsBridge.  It's a really cool show that I've seen several times prior to the taping in September.  Some of my favorite artists that I know and don't know have been on.  In a nutshell, someone from CET saw my artwork at the Kennedy Heights Art Center during a Fiber Arts show in September.  A CET film crew came to my home and filmed me in my basement art studio.  There's some interview action and some art-making action.  I'm really interested in seeing how they edit it to make me make sense.  Some of the questions were challenging to answer on-the-spot.  I don't wear makeup and I didn't then, so I hope the 1000 watt light bulb didn't penetrate the first 6 layers of my skin.  I'm really really nervous, as this isn't a one-time showing.  It airs 8 over the course of 4 days, then will be on repeat from time to time.  Here are the viewing times:

November 7 at 6PM on channel 48
November 8 at 5:30PM on channel 16
November 9th at 8AM, 1PM, and 5PM on channel 48.3
November 10 at 10AM, 3PM, and 10PM on channel 48.3

It will be available to watch online about a week after this.   If you go to the link above you can scroll down a smidge and see my face.

Make some popcorn and have fun!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Nature's Vessel and Nature's Creature

Seems like I'm always a little late on blogging about things that are time-sensitive.  I've confessed in the past that it's much more enjoyable to create items than talk about them.  Marketing my work is not one of my strengths, but this show is definitely worth talking about. 

Nature's Vessel
Nature's Creature

The Kennedy Heights Art Center in Cincinnati currently is exhibiting some AMAZING 3-D art in a show called Fibers: The Next Dimension...curated by Carole Staples, a woman whose confidence and encouragement in my own art has helped me really push some boundaries.  Two of my items, Nature's Vessel and Nature's Creature, were juried in to the show.  My work is on display with gorgeous fiber art from Cincinnati folks like Pam Kravetz, Robbie Porter, Robin Kusten Hartmann and Larry McKenna (not sure if I'm spelling his name right...will correct when I find out.).  Photos above depict my two pieces....the felted log on the bottom of the top photo, and the suspended figure on the bottom.  I did not catch the names of the pieces in the spaces my work shares, but I'll just say if you live in the Cincinnati area, you should go check out this show.  It offers a lot of great color and texture therapy and is on display through Saturday, September 26, 2015.

There is also a small gift shop that features gifty items by participating artists (but there is also another amazing gift shop right inside the front door.)  Yes, my pieces are for sale!  Treat yourself to something weird!  My selection of gifts consists of my "Femmes of the Forest" decorative art dolls, beaded portrait brooches (collaboration between me and Heather Zimmerman) and some felted wool cuffs and coffee cozies.

The KHAC has a gorgeous garden on the south side of the property.  Found another Monarch Butterfly today.  All smiles!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Call 'em what you want.

I'm selling off my sweet vintage glass tribal beads.  "Vertebrae", "Chevron", "Zig-zag".  They're wavy and they nestle together to make a solid striped necklace or bracelet when strung.  These are available for sale in my Etsy shop only. When a color is gone, there are no more of that color.  Get 'em soon before I change my mind!  Speaking of that, I have created a section for Clearance/Destash stuff.  While I consider the beads below a "destash" of sorts, I'm not opposed to using them for an inspired art project.  They're cool and deserve a spot in the "Vintage Beads" section instead.  Each photo is linked directly to the listing.  Shop away!

Grey glass vertebrae beads.Red vertebrae glass beads.

Cream glass vertebrae beads.Pink glass vertebrae beads.

Purple glass vertebrae beads.Turquoise glass vertebrae beads.

Rust brown glass vertebrae beads.