Friday, May 31, 2013

Ovenfried Beads is back on Facebook

So I was on this "I'm leaving Facebook" kick and had a great time with a much simpler life:  a quieter mind, more time to hike and create and get back into beadmaking again. 

Well so much for that.  This time I'm going to be much better at managing my time on it. 

I missed out on family event photos and stuff.  Ovenfried Beads had one less majorly important place to toot it's horn about shows and new merch and Etsy sales.  

SO, if you like Ovenfried Beads, then please "LIKE" Ovenfried Beads.
The page is basically brand new again but I will refill it with pretty pictures.

In the meantime, I will be selling my jewelry at the Pendleton Art Center Annex tonight (May 31) from 6 to maybe 9:30 if there are people there.  The Annex is the short building across from Artist Alley.  There's a big sign that says ANNEX.  I'll be upstairs.  It is air conditioned!

New photos coming mokume gane pieces have been baked but need a little more work before they're presentable and ready!  Stay tuned!