Thursday, March 26, 2009

Downtown at Night

Walking downtown is one of my favorite relaxing thing to do. I don't do it often, as I usually prefer to walk with John and not alone. We were walking from his place to mine last night. My camera is constantly with me, so when I see opportunities for cool photographs, I totally take advantage, even if people wonder what the hell is so interesting. There are so many beautiful things that I'm afraid I'll miss something really important. Or something I'll want to re-visit once the need for inspiration arises.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Classes at Home

On Saturday I taught a beadmaking class to one of my biggest fans as well as two of her friends. It was a total blast! At first I had pre-show jitters...walking around nervously making sure all the clay colors were out, tools were in place, lighting was good, and polymer clay books were arranged. I think I'm going to start advertising more for this kind of getup. Since I ditched my car years ago (yes I miss it for doing shows), transporting pasta rollers, bags of SculpeyIII, ovens, ceramic tiles and my decent-sized collection of polymer related publishings is a Major Pain. But doing it in my place is easy.
My studio is a really interesting place to create, which is probably why I'm so prolific. My apartment has 'belonged' to many artists, and the vibe is great. I like the rawness of it. It's excellent location in downtown Cincinnati with super-easy parking, close proximity of some nice affordable, healthy restaurants and the library make it even more appealing.

So I guess if one would like to take a beadmaking class at my place, just shoot me an email. I'll give you more details.

Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm back. New computer.

I had a blog for a little while. It was kind of fun, but pretty annoying because my million year old Millenium Edition couldn't handle this website and it kicked the bucket and I had to get a new one. Three weeks without a computer really taught me a lot of stuff. Get a lot more work done. My home was cleaner. I started projects that only resided in my head for months or even years. But n0w I'm involved in the internet again, on a much more limited basis regarding my Favorites list of websites I visit often.

Anyway, I'm in the middle of making some Stacker beads and listening to some music from the band Lush. Takes me back I say.

If anyone has advice on how to manipulate uploaded photos, let me know. I'm having a terrible time making this look good. This will likely not be as full of pictures as other people's blogs are. You can go to my Flickr page to see those.