Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ovenfried Beads Dot Com is almost gone

I want to keep this brief because I have some housework I need to do in the extreme near future.

Ovenfried Beads Dot Com (my website) is slowly being shut down, and it's slated to disappear altogether on June 30. Today all of the photo galleries and the Stacker bead tutorial were removed. All that's really left is a mini-Etsy for both of my stores and some information on where you can find my work, and me, outside of that site.

I'm simplifying my life in a lot of different areas. The site was a fun little project for a while, but ended up costing me more money than is coming in. I spend way more time on Facebook updating on my Etsy stores, shows, and other things. Plus I send out an e-newsletter letting people REALLY know what's going on. Feel free to sign up for that!

Anyway, gotta run! (links to my other media outlets are listed to the left.)