Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Anticipation is killing me!

This weekend on Saturday is the 2nd annual OTR/Gateway Quarter Summer awesome festival that I am so happy to be part of again this year. The weather forecast has been scaring me a bit, with thunderstorms possible/likely/maybe/wtf? Having a booth at a craft show in the rain is a drag. Especially if it's windy. I can handle some tweaks here and there to my booth to make it more bearable...centering the tables in the middle, or toward the back so that folks can huddle underneath when it rains. What I don't like is when people don't come because of the rain. I can kind of understand, but man, this show is FUN! I can't wait to steal away 10 minutes to peruse the Gargantuan Gay Garage Sale across the street!

My stock is insane. I have two large shoeboxes of jewelry. One of them is for newer work, and the other is for pre-2010. I have jewelry that is still in great condition, but is a few years old and needs to find a home. The new stuff is really fun and more contemporary, as far as Ovenfried Beads is concerned. The older work is going to be marked down for the last time. What doesn't sell will likely be donated to some charities as the opportunities present themselves.

What I'm so excited about is my new focus on making just beads. When loose beads are the focus, the quality improves. When I have to think to myself "how can I use this in a so-and-so?", I skip steps to make them more unique and appealing. I have posted pictures of these new beads on my website, as well as Facebook, for all the world to see.

OH, and on top of the whole early morning booth setup, I'll be running the 5K race that is starting the same time as the festival. Boy am I glad there will be a beer booth there for post-race-calorie-replacement! Today I ran 43 minutes....about 3.45 miles. That's about a minute more per mile as my first 5K in January. Since most of the route will be flat (as opposed to today's run, which was full of up and down, stairs, etc), I hope to beat my original time of 35:45. THEN I'll get to go be Miss Beadmaker in her booth. I literally cannot afford to bomb this show. If I'm lucky, the gods of weather will part the clouds, bring in lots of bead-hungry people and they'll clean me out. Unrealistic, obviously. But I know that either way I'll have a fantastic time, as I did last year when it was 90 and sunny the whole day. We baked out there. Saturday will be much better I think. Hope to see you won't be disappointed!