Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Call 'em what you want.

I'm selling off my sweet vintage glass tribal beads.  "Vertebrae", "Chevron", "Zig-zag".  They're wavy and they nestle together to make a solid striped necklace or bracelet when strung.  These are available for sale in my Etsy shop only. When a color is gone, there are no more of that color.  Get 'em soon before I change my mind!  Speaking of that, I have created a section for Clearance/Destash stuff.  While I consider the beads below a "destash" of sorts, I'm not opposed to using them for an inspired art project.  They're cool and deserve a spot in the "Vintage Beads" section instead.  Each photo is linked directly to the listing.  Shop away!

Grey glass vertebrae beads.Red vertebrae glass beads.

Cream glass vertebrae beads.Pink glass vertebrae beads.

Purple glass vertebrae beads.Turquoise glass vertebrae beads.

Rust brown glass vertebrae beads.