Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bead De-Stash at Pendleton Art Center Annex

(July 3 update....I will return with my destash beads for the July Final Friday.  That will be my last destash opportunity for you to get great deals.  No bagged beads sold last week, so they're all there, waiting for you!)

Hey Cincinnati-area fans....

This Final Friday at the Pendleton Art Center Annex, I will be selling most of the beads that I have accumulated over the last 10+ years.  There's nothing wrong with's just that as the jewelry market gets more and more competitive and my own creative interests turn more and more to fiber, I want these beads to go to good homes.

Click here to see pictures of my sale display.

These will be in bags and strands, priced no more than $5, with many retailing now for $20 and up.  One of the only exceptions is seed beads, which I plan on keeping and using.

~ Pyrite
~ Malachite
~ Hematite
~ Coral
~ Moss agate
~ Picture Jasper
~ Agate
~ German glass
~ Vintage German Lucite
~ Seeds (natural seeds, not seed beads)
~ Wood
~ Abalone
~ etc, etc

There is a table of a variety of great earrings, bracelets and necklaces (and a seed bead embroidered barrette) that are Buy One Get One Free.  You don't have to worry about if it's going to be hot in the studio, because the Annex has central air....if it's 100 degrees outside, you will cool off.  Shop in comfort.

Final Friday Annex, suite 10 on second floor. (Window has large red neon circle in it. The studio window faces the larger main can't miss it.  Stair access only.)
June 28 and July 26, 2013
Valet parking available.
Due to my day job, I will not be there any Second Look Saturdays.
The studio is being graciously lent to me by Margie of Going In Style.

There is a possibility that I will be continuing the de-stash for August's Final Friday.  Stay tuned here or follow me on Facebook to stay informed.  My polymer clay beads will likely creep into the mix in July and/or August.