Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Making Progress

Last night, in preparation of the show where I'm vending this weekend, I completely cleared off three of my work tables in my studio, folded them, and set them aside. Considering each one was piled full of crap before they were cleared, I call that Making Progress.

I found my list a couple of days ago that I made so I could get to sleep. They say if you have problems sleeping, make a list of your next-day chores, so your mind can let them go and actually get some productive rest.

Here I will bore you with the list I made. Some items have been packed...some haven't...and none of the little square boxes I drew next to each item have been checked. If you can think of anything I should bring, please let me know by Friday. This blog is just to take up space and keep it current. My next one will likely be about the show, after the fact.

Show list!

- change for box $200.-
- calculator
- credit card slips
- ball point pen
- mini-clipboard
- Sharpies
- packing tape
- lint roller
- table cloths
- chair
- extra cigar boxes for display
- pliers
- display tree
- mini display couches
- small bowls
- spinning rack
- lazy susans
- drill (charged)
- cooked canes
- business cards and holders
- fabric bowls
- ear plugs!


- framed piece
- earring rack
- other display items
- necklace and bracelet holders
- magnet board
- type tray

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