Thursday, September 6, 2012

Holy MACKERAL, This Girl is Busy

Hello fans!

First of all, this barrette and bracelet are starting at ridiculously low bids on eBay.  They are older pieces that I love but don't want to deconstruct. Starting bid is a SCANT $.99.  You can't even buy a candy bar for that.

Bid on this barrette here!  (Ends Sept 13)
Bid on this bracelet here! (Ends Sept 13)
So I want to apologize for not being a better blogger.  There are many things for me to talk about, but I just keep doing them and forget to (or choose not to) talk about them.  I guess it's part humility, but mostly part laziness.  When I look at people who ditch their dayjobs and make a living at their art/craft of choice, what I'm mostly seeing is good marketing, but I also recognize there is interest and demand for their work. 

Marketing is not my forte'.  For example, I don't even have a logo.  I used to have one, and I still have the original artwork, but it's a snail, for crying-out-loud.  Who the hell will look at a stylized snail (which happens to be inked on my left forearm...THAT's commitment) and think "Boy, this woman must have a LOT of skill and experience in polymer clay and beadwork!" I just happen to love snails.  And business cards.  I just recently received a box of 250 amazing cards from Vista Print that remind me of a) my favorite color brown, and b) a Dandy Warhols video that I just love...very artistically stimulating for me, and of course, brown and scroll-y.

About 7 weeks ago, a new fiber supply/art store in Cincinnati called Silk Road Textiles opened in College Hill.  I realize that I'm completely biased, BUT, I have to say that it's a pretty amazing place.  I'm lucky to work there, and will start teaching this month (September).   We carry all sorts of amazing yarn and fabric, and sell not only the work of 14 excellently skilled craftspeople from the Cincinnati area, but also jewelry and knit stitch markers from moi, Ovenfried Beads.  You can get a more thorough list of items sold at the store at their website if you click it above.  My favorite yarns there right now are Mountain Color, Berroco Remix, Rowan Tweed, Leilani Arts recycled sari silk, Berroco Lodge and of course, Noro Yarn.  Since I'm not sitting in the store looking around, I'm sure you can imagine that I'd come up with another dozen "favorite" items.  In any case, as a beginner (but not virgin) knitter, I'm seriously intrigued by what I see and feel, and am anxious to dig my fingers into some skeins I can call my own and create something awesome.  We also sell a ton of fabric, which I'm a little too lazy at this second to list.  You just have to go to the site.  OR, if you like to know what's happening as it happens (including classes, which will be announced VERY VERY soon), just "Like" us on our Facebook Page.

On one last note, as I'm sure I've about worn you out at this point..... I'll be participating in my first City Flea in Cincinnati on Saturday, September 15.  My friend from the Cincy Craft Cartel invited me as a guest artist, so I will have a large selection of earrings, bracelets and loose beads, with a more conservative selection of bead embroidery, buttons and necklaces. 

My next blog will feature a listing of all of the brick-and-mortar stores in Cincinnati that regularly sell my work.  I hope you will consider patronizing those stores.  They are run and staffed by hard-workin' folks just like you.  Stay tuned. If you just can't wait, go here.

I wish I had more pictures tonight.  Maybe next time.

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