Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Dogs

Last week I dog/house sat for some friends from church. These three dogs are HILARIOUS. One of my favorite times to watch them was when they would rush out the doggie door in the garage up to the kitchen to eat dinner. They were literally blurs, and sometimes two of them would try to fit through the door at once, and one of them would have to back down.

They're powerful protectors. Not everything going on outside grabs their attention, but the important things do: other dogs, Fedex deliverers, and paperboys collecting two dollars. I pity the fool that steps in that front door uninvited.
And then they're so submissive, too. It doesn't take long to make Sadie almost melt in slow motion onto the floor on her back. She's so strong and muscular. (She's the dog in the middle pictured above). But she can be overcome with just a touch of the forehead.
Aspen (the white one on the bottom) is older. I can tell by her eyes and her back legs....stiff hips. She's also not as quick to run the long distance around the backyard, at least not this week. Maybe she knew it was muddy. Her growl sounds like a bear. When she and Sadie were roughhousing my first night there, they both sounded like fighting rhinos. It was hilarious.
Bobby, the black dog above, is really the underdog. The others are so much larger (or at least taller, which means something in the animal world), so Bobby tends to be last. At feeding time, I have to get Sadie and Aspen on their own bowls so Bobby has a fighting chance to eat. Those dogs INHALE their food.
Anyway, thanks for letting me chill with your dogs, Pat and Burk. I had a lovely time. Can't wait to show you my newest bead embroidery piece I made largely in your dining room.

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