Thursday, January 3, 2013

Etsy Liquidation Sale

Happy New Year, dear fan of Ovenfried Beads!

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  This is the 18th year I've been "playing" with polymer clay.  Well, technically it will be mid-June that I will have filled my life with such a colorful adventure.  Right now I'm at a point in my life where I am ready to slow down a bit and explore other/additional creative venues and re-visit outlets that I love but have ignored.  Though I do plan on continuing creating with polymer clay, it will be part of larger things.  Mixed media with fiber.  I don't want to give away too much information, but let's just say the "artist" in me wants to bump the "crafter" in me off to the side and take the wheel for a while.

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  Therefore, I'm having a whole-store liquidation sale in my Etsy shop.  Everything in the store is 33% off.  Ideally, I'd like to sell it all off and start fresh.  There are an awful lot of great classic pieces in there that need homes.  Items in my Etsy store represent my best and favorite, work.

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  Please take a minute to browse the store and check out the great goods that are there.  Many people in the industry have told me that it's already reasonably priced.  The 33% discount does not mean it's second-tier.  I just need to move it out and get started on new things to post once the stock has whittled down.  If you want to purchase something, all you have to do (besides be registered with Etsy) is enter this coupon code when you check out:  OBEADS33.  That's it.  In case you haven't used Etsy in a while, you're now no longer required to pay with a credit card through Paypal.  You can pay straight through Etsy. 

  If you are interested in purchasing my Stacker Bead tutorial PDF, you may email me directly.  I accept Paypal and will email you the tutorial upon receipt of payment.  The tutorial is $16.00.  It's 4 pages with full-color step-by-step instructions. 

  Thanks for your blog entry will be about my newest classes.  If you can't wait, visit the website of Silk Road Textiles' class page and click on the "More Fibers and Fabrics" tab to find out about my Fabric Coiled Bowl class, as well as the "Mixed Media and Embellishments" tab to get info on my Polymer Clay Buttonmaking and Stacker Bead classes.

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