Thursday, January 3, 2013

Winter Classes with Ovenfried Beads


Here is a near-carbon copy of my last class update from this past fall at Silk Road Textiles in Cincinnati, Ohio.  The classes are the same, but the dates and times are not.  If you can't make these dates, there will be others in March, April or May. Stay tuned!  You can also sign up to receive emails about class updates by clicking this link

Fabric Coiled Bowls
See those Stacker bead buttons? Scroll down...there's a class for those too.
Students will learn how to create a specific style of functional bowls using fabric and
rope. Good manual dexterity in both hands is necessary. I was featured on HGTV's "That's Clever!" in 2007 making this bowl, so if a TV network thinks it's cool, it's probably worth signing up for. The bowl you see above is a huge version of what you'll be making in a 3 hour class, but it gives you a good idea.

The lady behind the company Recyclabowls took my coiled bowl class and turned it into a business. Even though her technique is similar, she has turned it into her own "thing". In fact, her bowls are available for sale at Silk Road Textiles and at several stores in Cincinnati.

Class fee is $35, and students must purchase 3 cotton fat quarters from SRT. The rope, hot glue, string and needles will be provided by me.

Sat. 2/2 9am-noon


Polymer Clay Buttonmaking

These are some random buttons that I have made recently.
Yours will be unique...your own design.

Students will make handmade buttons using various techniques with polymer clay. To alleviate stress and work on the student's part to gather the many tools and clay needed for this 4-hour workshop, I am including everything in the package, so the class fee reflects the added expense on my part. I will cover some basic techniques in polymer clay (simple canes, marbling, and/or stamping, depending on the group) and students will create their own buttons.
Note: If a student has polymer clay tools that they would like to use, like a favorite blade, pasta machine, stamp or even colors of clay, they are free to bring them, but the class fee won't change.
Class fee is $65. 

Tue. 1/22 10am-2pm


Stacker Beads/Embellishments

Students will learn how to make Stacker beads, a polymer clay bead design that I perfected about 12 years ago. Stacker beads make amazing embellishments, so even though Silk Road Textiles is not a bead/jewelry supply store, students can learn this technique to embellish their own fiber art pieces or make them into beads. I will supply all the clay and tools needed.

Class fee is $65. 

Wed. 2/20 9am-1pm
Note: If you do not live in Cincinnati or can't take my classes you can purchase a PDF of my Stacker bead tutorial directly through me. It's $16 and I'll email it to you.  Email me if you are interested.  I accept Paypal.  (I normally have it on Etsy, but since I'm having a store-wide sale, it's not available there at this time.)

There are many other great fiber art classes being offered at Silk Road Textiles. If you are interested in learning more, visit their website or "like" their Facebook page (or both) to find out more.   The class list is updated on a roughly quarterly basis.

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