Thursday, March 21, 2013

Saying "See ya!" to Facebook

Hello friends and fans....

I've decided to cut the cord for good and leave Facebook, both as me and as Ovenfried Beads.  It's time to simplify. I've grown weary of Facebook and the time it has stolen due to my inability to moderate my own time on it.  For me it has turned into one giant vat of advertisements and an overload of information that frankly isn't doing much to inspire me to get busy.  I will disconnect some time on Saturday. (March 23)

So if you've recently "liked" my Ovenfried Beads page on there, I apologize for the short virtual relationship that we have had.  (This past week there have been a LOT of new likes...I wonder where that came from!).  Fret not...this blog is going to stick around.

In any case, this will be the only place that I announce new classes, shows, sales in my Etsy store and other occasional random riff-raff.  Please follow this blog or visit it to get updates.

My other blog, A Very Pedestrian Snail, features my photography that has absolutely nothing to do with Ovenfried Beads or my craft adventures.  Mostly nature stuff....nature is my main inspiration for all things creative.  If you like moss, lichens and fungi, you should bookmark that, too.

I hope to update this blog about once a week if not more.  I'm branching out into fiber art again.  This is a good one-stop shop for me to post pictures of what I'm doing.  Now that I'll have the time to really create, I'll have more time to truly SHARE with you what is going on. 

I always welcome comments and questions, too, so feel free to chime in!

Have a great day!]

(March 24 update:  Getting rid of FB was like taking a whole warehouse full of garbage and burning it.  It was the best computer-related decision I have ever made.  Highly recommended.)

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