Sunday, March 24, 2013

Addicted to Fiber

Working in a yarn and fabric store means a lot of things.  For one, I am surrounded by amazing things that I could never afford.  Most of it is totally within the realm of my pocketbook, over time.  But the cool thing is, I can be around it, talking about it, teaching about it, squeezing and touching it, five days a week, and get paid to do it.  (Although, some of my paycheck does go right back into the store....cycle of life, right?)

Then there's the other part. Being around it so much means I have a LOT of ideas of what to create.  I want to create so much more than I will ever have time for, and it often overwhelmes me.  Unless someone comes by, sweeps me off my feet and says, "Live your dream, Amy....I'll take care of the rest," sewing, knitting, polymer clay, paper cuts, you name it.... will always be for my time away from work.  Sometimes I want to lock myself into the house for a week and just see what happens.

So here's part of my newest yarn acquisition.  Malabrigo Worsted Weight ....merino wool....a perfect felting fiber.  I've gotten it in my crazy head that instead of buying wool to cut, stitch, embellish, and sculpt, I can make my own felt fabric.  And will I!  This is going to have to wait though, because I spent over 10 hours in the last week working on a giant scarf (approximately 6-1/2 feet long, and very wide) that I finished at 11:05am this morning.  Technically I still need to weave in the tails, but I wore it to work today and people loved it. 

My next project will be featured in my next post.  Here's a hint:  My mom left me with 19 pieced quilt squares that I discovered only after she died.  There will be photos.

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