Monday, March 26, 2012

Final Friday and a FREE PDF


After a long, soggy hike yesterday, I'm ready to just chill out in the studio and finish up some projects to have ready for this Friday.  I will be showing my work this Final Friday at the Pendleton Art Center in Cincinnati, which I have done dozens of times.  The only difference is that this time I will be doing a "Best Of..." show that will feature my very very very best work.  Normally I spend a few hours organizing little bowls of loose beads and buttons, but this time I'm sticking to my greatest jewelry I have.  People who visit Final Friday want to see and buy art that will appreciate in value, so that's what I'm going to give them!  Amazing bead embroidery, Stacker jewelry, big chunky colorful necklaces and bracelets, and some framed bead art is what's on the menu.  I will be located in my friend Nancy Gamon's studio on the 4th floor in studio 400-A.  It's a beautiful corner studio.  Nancy is an amazing fiber artist with a very distinct style to her work.  She makes multi-media wall collages, art quilts, altered clothing, scarves made out of all sorts of materials, and even some great fabric-wrapped furniture!  Come visit to buy or just look and chat.  6pm-10pm on Friday, March 30.  Click on the Pendleton's link above for directions if you've never been there and would like to go.  It's a really amazing building with even more amazing artists!
ALSO, now through April 7 I am offering a great deal on Etsy.  I will include a FREE Stacker bead tutorial PDF with any purchase over $50.  I will email it to you upon receipt of payment, and will then mail the loot you purchased.  You won't have to enter any promo codes or tell me you want will be automatically sent.  One of the greatest things about making Stacker beads is that you DON'T need a pasta machine, clay extruder, or any fancy tool to make them.  All you need is a blade and your hands.  This is a great project for those who want to make awesome-looking beads but not invest in a ton of "bells and whistles".  Not interested in buying any other items from my shop?  No problem...the PDF is available for $16.

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