Friday, March 9, 2012

HALF OFF everything in my Etsy store

Hello Fans...

Surely this Over-the-Rhine piece, now framed,
has to be worth $98 to SOMEONE who loves
the neighborhood!  Come on, buy this!!  :)
I'm going to be honest with you ...  I'm halfway between jobs in the middle of 2 months of being unemployed, and I need money for April rent.  Everything in my Etsy store is 50% off.  That includes the Stacker Bead Tutorials, bead embroidery and Stacker jewelry

This not working thing is driving me crazy.  I can't wait til the new jobs starts up.  I'll be working for a new fine fabric/yarn shop in College Hill in Cincinnati.  Can't wait to get back into the creative retail community again!  Until then, it's Etsy sales and babysitting.

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