Thursday, March 29, 2012

Polymer Clay Extruder Class

So I've been working with polymer clay for some time now.  It will be 17 years this June.  I couldn't even start to try to count all the different designs/styles/techniques, because it's an ever-evolving process for me.  Some designs, like Stacker beads, are something I could make until the sun blows up.  But others are fleeting...I may get 5 beads of one design that I can never replicate.  That's one of the things I adore about polymer clay.

One tool that I have always associated with "playing" is the clay extruder.  It's like a large metal syringe that pushes clay through small, different-shaped holes.  It's kind of like the Play-Doh people with the holes on their bald skulls...and you press the dough through and voila'!  Hair!

With the clay extruder, there are many shapes that you can use in cane building or direct application.  The extruders have really helped me when it comes to experimenting and broadening my concepts of how to put the pieces together.  I could line up 10 beads in front of you, none of them would look alike, and they'd all be the result of using an extruder. 

ANYWAY, I'm teaching a class in Cincinnati...the first Extruder class for me...because I want to turn people on to this great tool.  I know I don't use it nearly enough.  Perhaps I'll learn something too!

The class is in the Karen Trimble-Shell Studio at the Brazee Street Studios in Oakley.  Date:  Sunday, April 22.  Time:  noon-4pm
There is a limit of 4 students.

REGISTRATION: Contact me directly via email at Cost of class is $65 plus $10 supply fee. Payment may be made by check (I will give you my address after you contact me) OR by Paypal to Students are not officially registered until payment is received by me.  Don't wait until the last minute! Register today!

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  1. hi. I tried sending you an email but it says the email address is invalid. I tried a few times. am I doing something wrong? I have some questions about your class. could you please re-post your email address so I make sure it's the correct one.
    thanks so much!
    Amy C.